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Guangdong xibenda Health Technology Co., Ltd

Main products:Pain relief professional insol Gait correction insole Xiben lightning insole Xiben lightning insole

Company Address:China Guangdong Dongguan Shatian town

Company Profile:Guangdong xibenda Health Technology Co., Ltd. (renamed by Xiben sports (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. in 2019) began in 1991....

Dongguan Dingsheng Plastic Film Co., Ltd

Main products:High light film Integrated membrane Lacquer film PU film Functional membrane Functional fabric

Company Address:China Guangdong Dongguan Changping town

Company Profile:Dingsheng membrane industry set up a factory in Dongguan, mainland China in March 2009. At present, it covers an area of 6500 square meters, has 55 employees, 35 professional technicians and 3 design and development personnel, with an annual output of more than 7 million meters. ...

Jiangxi Jiazhong New Material Co., Ltd

Main products:Bulletproof fiber cloth Cutting band Filter products Felt conveyor belt Nonwoven products Filter material Felt mat Imitation Lippi Fluorine free material

Company Address:China Guangdong Dongguan Houjie town

Company Profile: The company relies on the R & D team of new materials for more than 20 years. Focus on R & D, production and sales of various new textile materials: filter materials, bulletproof fiber cloth, cutting belt, felt pad, imitation lining, fluorine-free materials and other products....

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Main products:高性能膜材料 热熔胶膜 热迷胶 塑胶材料 鞋材 鞋材辅料 TPU热熔胶膜 服装辅料 橡胶制品 皮革制品 包装材料 热熔胶膜技术转让

Company Address:China Guangdong Dongguan Dalingshan town

Company Profile: 东莞市俊熙新材料科技有限公司是一家专业生产,销售低温热熔胶膜、中温热熔胶膜、高温热熔胶膜,刻字膜,装饰膜,高低温膜等,并可根据客户的特殊要求进行研发。 公司产品应用领域:皮革粘合,鞋材,服装,箱包 ,手袋,平板电脑手机套,电子保护套,电子产品,汽车内饰,工艺品粘合,墙纸贴合,家具行业,印刷行业各种粘合等。 ...

J. Z. Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Main products:ping-pong hot melt nonwoven hot melt nonwoven chemical sheet nonwoven insole board paper insole board shank board

Company Address:China Fujian

Company Profile: J. Z. Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. has been specialized in shoes material production & export from year 1995, the main products’ scope as bellowing You are welcomed to view to learn more about our company & our products, however pls feel free to contact with us in mail ID: jzind...


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Address: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Room 501-511, Haoban Shoe Material Plaza, 1 Houjie Avenue West, Houjie Town

Tel : 0769 769 -22801988 -22803288 Fax

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