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Main products:滑石粉 碳酸钙 高岭土 透明粉 硫酸钡 滑石粉(325目-5000目) 高岭土(水洗,煅烧) 黄相透明粉 白相透明粉 无水无盐透明粉 功能钙碳酸钙 活性钙碳酸钙

Company Address:China Guangdong Dongguan Houjie town

Company Profile:广东越超粉体科技有限公司是滑石粉(325目-5000目)、碳酸钙(重钙,轻钙,功能钙,活性钙)、高岭土(水洗,煅烧)、透明粉(黄相,白相,无水无盐)、硫酸钡等产品专业生产加工的公司,拥有完整、科学的质量管理体系。...


Main products:Anti-mildew agent for leather Wood anti-mildew agent Textile mildew proofing agent Mouldproof piece Plastic antimicrobials Glue anti-mildew agent Waterproofing agent desiccant Anti-mildew agent for pa

Company Address:China Guangdong Guangzhou Baiyun District

Company Profile:Guangzhou jiainis antibacterial material co., LTD. Is an international enterprise integrating design, testing, production and sales, which is dedicated to research in the fields of anti-mildew agent, antimicrobial agent, anti-mildew tablet and water-proofing agent. ...

Henan Ed wei chemical technology co., LTD

Main products:glue Water-soluble series of enviro No three benzene rubber series Various products PU、PVC、TPU Curing agent

Company Address:China

Company Profile:NANPAO resin group was founded in 1953, the main production: south, south Po resin glue, south treasure treasure environmental protection glue, south treasure water-based glue is environmental protection rubber, no three benzene rubber (no benzene rubber), south treasure single-sided adhesive, hot m...

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Main products:进出口 报关 商检 一条龙业务 海运 拖车 整柜 散货

Company Address:China Guangdong Dongguan Houjie town

Company Profile:本公司位于东莞厚街远隆皮料市场。...

Dongguan Baoxin Mould Material Co. Ltd.

Main products:Mildew resistant penetrant Mold material Fungicide Odor agent

Company Address:China Guangdong Dongguan Houjie town

Company Profile:Dongguan Baoxin mouldproof material limited company mainly R & D and production and sales: all kinds of preservatives, mold and related chemical products....


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Address: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Goldman Sachs Technology Park (North) Block B 602 rooms

Tel : 0769 769 -22801988 -22803288 Fax

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