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Main products:PVC raw material chemical indu

Company Address:China Fujian

Company Profile:Baiyi chemical industry is located in Quanzhou, one of the coastal cities at the beginning of the ancient Silk Road....

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Main products:TPU 新料 TPU抽粒料 TPU副牌料 TPU原料 E-TPU爆米花料

Company Address:

Company Profile:金宜塑胶长期供应TPU原料、TPU副牌料、TPU抽粒料、E-TPU爆米花料,适用于注塑、挤出、薄膜、港宝、鞋材、改性、表带、手机套、智能手环、汽车用品、运动器材等,70A-98A、64D、80D等多种硬度,聚醚、耐水解、抗菌、防火、超耐磨等多种规格。另长期求购国内外TPU副牌料、TPU抽粒料。...

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Main products:滑石粉 碳酸钙 高岭土 透明粉 硫酸钡 黑炭黑 白炭黑 发泡剂 氧化锌 KCB 耐磨剂 PE再生料

Company Address:China Guangdong Dongguan Houjie town

Company Profile:广东越超粉体科技有限公司是滑石粉(325目-5000目)、碳酸钙(重钙,轻钙,功能钙,活性钙)、高岭土(水洗,煅烧)、透明粉(黄相,白相,无水无盐)、硫酸钡等产品专业生产加工的公司,拥有完整、科学的质量管理体系。...

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Main products:鞋业商会

Company Address:China

Company Profile:The Hong Kong Footwear Chamber of Commerce was established in 1948. Its members are mainly footwear manufacturers, including footwear machines, materials and finished products, which form the supply chain of footwear manufacturing in Hong Kong. It provides you with the best strategic partners for co...


Main products:Textile mildew proofing agent Mouldproof piece Plastic antimicrobials Glue anti-mildew agent Waterproofing agent desiccant Anti-mildew agent for paint deodorant Mildew proof wrapping paper Mildew proo

Company Address:China Guangdong Guangzhou Baiyun District

Company Profile:Guangzhou jiainis antibacterial material co., LTD. Is an international enterprise integrating design, testing, production and sales, which is dedicated to research in the fields of anti-mildew agent, antimicrobial agent, anti-mildew tablet and water-proofing agent. ...


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Address: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Room 501-511, Haoban Shoe Material Plaza, 1 Houjie Avenue West, Houjie Town

Tel : 0769 769 -22801988 -22803288 Fax

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