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Shenzhen 3doe technology Co., Ltd.

Main products:三维扫描仪 脚型三维扫描仪 鞋楦三维扫描仪 激光三维扫描仪 脚型扫描仪

Company Address:China Guangdong Shenzhen Nanshan District

Company Profile: 深圳市精易迅科技有限公司是一家长期致力于非接触式三维扫描及检测系统研发、销售及服务一体化的专业三维数字化高科技公司,拥有点、线、面不同系列的激光和白光三维扫描系统,为您提供从三维扫描、工业检测到工业设计、脚型鞋楦定制、逆向工程等一系列解决方案,并力争成为国内该行业最全面最完备的解决方案厂商。 ...

Huatai punching machinery factory

Main products:The single perspective on punc CNC punching machine The single perspective with pu Leather punching die

Company Address:China Guangdong Dongguan Daojiao town

Company Profile:Dongguan Huatai punching machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of punching machine, mold development and punching processing, pattern design for the processing enterprise integration. ...

Silver seiko hardware technology co., LTD

Main products:Vacuum suction plate Vacuum adsorption station Vacuum suction platform Cutter suction platform Screen printing machines, suct The uv plate adsorption platfo Breathe in printing machine pl

Company Address:China Guangdong Foshan Shunde District

Company Profile:Company specialized is engaged in the vacuum suction platform research and development, production, sales, and is committed to provide customers first-class products and comprehensive services....

Zhong country shoes accessories

Main products:Adhesive disc Before and after to help machi Internal and external support Oil hydraulic cylinder Paw PU Scan head Teflon Urethane

Company Address:China Guangdong Dongguan Houjie town

Company Profile: Zhong country shoes accessories is a professional production of all kinds of shoe-making machinery and accessories products manufacturer, we have advanced processing equipment and perfect quality management system, has many years of professional manufacture and installation of repair servi...

The shoes machine Shunwei mold

Main products:And after heel stereotyped mol In Diding die Shoes Accessories Shoes with pressure bottom mol

Company Address:China Guangdong Dongguan Houjie town

Company Profile:Shun Wei shoe mold, Dongguan City, was founded in 2008, located in the world's production base of the shoe manufacturing city, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province; is a professional production and sales of custom-made counter molding mold, shoe sole pressing mold, in the endstereotypes mo...


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Address: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Room 501-511, Haoban Shoe Material Plaza, 1 Houjie Avenue West, Houjie Town

Tel : 0769 769 -22801988 -22803288 Fax

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