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TPU water-based paint

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   1, TPU: printing, spraying

   2, TPU use ink: TPU materials, polyurethane materials, PU material

    3, TPU features: good adhesion, wear-resistant, high temperature, solvent, washing, anti-yellowing, and other characteristics

   4, the use of thinner: cyclohexanone, in dry water

   5, hardening agent: To enhance performance and stability, plus TPU coated hardener 35%

   6, TPU operation:

A, as a result of TPU materials

    Agent from prima facie cases of type or oil, the need to thoroughly deal with TPU will be used for cleaning in order to ensure clean ink adhesion

    The provision of factory colored ink are highly concentrated, in accordance with the deployment of ink colors and card distribution, the concentration should be on-site operations will be diluted to the appropriate concentration of ink directly after the spraying or printing 

 B, plus hardener

     In the factory to provide high concentrations of ink, the circumstances of the case to see if the test is to do less bending increases, so if the test is more wear-resistant

C, stirring

     Operator access to the best fully diluted ink before mixing evenly, so as not to be stored for a long time have a color, and precipitation affect the color difference

D, drying time

TPU standard ink dry for 24 hours curing

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