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Station west shoe: create a business professional market upgrading model

2013-12-31   Source: 美中鞋业网

Guangdong shoes international procurement center, service center for public display

And station west shoe fair promotion week opening ceremony victory

In October 23rd, "station west shoe city Guangdong shoes internationalprocurement center public demonstration, service center" to start the ceremonystation west shoe industry limited company first held in Guangdong, the centerarea of nearly 320 square, mainly implemented by Guangdong shoes internationalprocurement center service functions in reality show, "the service center". Thefinance, information, exhibition, consulting, accounting, legal, personnel training and other services do online and offline synchronization seamless whenever and wherever possible, to provide services and exclude the difficulty and anxiety for businesses, but also for the next step of mobile phone online shopping mall, offlinestore experience gathered popularity to pave the way for.

Guangdong West Station Footwear Company Limited relevant responsible person said, the hall is the implementation of the Liwan District professional markettransformation and upgrading of the pilot, the key project station west shoe city"three major upgrade project". Push to speed up the upgrading transformationstation, West City: Guangdong shoes international procurement center"construction, new initiatives to achieve the domestic and foreign markets doubleexpansion, is a model of Guangzhou is a national professional market values of the overall upgrade.

Guangzhou as a "fashion Golden Triangle" and one of the Chinese shoes windowstation west shoe city, located in the footwear industry, leather goods and clothing three traditional values interchange. After 23 years of development, station westshoe has become the largest and most influential global footwear trade center,training including Buyun heaven and earth shoes city, ocean shores Melco shoes Square, west shoes Plaza, and a number of domestic and foreign famous leadingmarket, which is engaged in the foreign trade business accounted for 60% of the total number of merchants, high degree of export-oriented the distinctive,, the exemplary role in promoting the development and prosperity of the development ofthe footwear market.

However, with the change in recent years, the economic situation at home and abroad and the development of the footwear industry, the traditional market structure and management mode is difficult to adapt to market changes,Guangzhou City Hall, professional market and footwear industry who have knowledge to realize the professional market transformation and upgrading, create innovative business model and brand gathered force be imperative!

The governments at all levels attach great importance, 2012 2 menstrualGuangdong Province People''s government agreed, "Guangdong shoes international procurement center" included in the first batch of key cultivationobject, in September the same year, the station west shoe shoe market in 9, 1 Community Service Center shares a common set up Guangdong Station West shoe industry limited company. Enterprises as the main body of operation "Guangdongshoes international procurement center", more accord with Chinese mining center", more conducive to the integration of the resources market group itself, the motive force of the development of endogenous. Such a move, I is the innovation is also the advantage.

Relevant responsible person told the reporter, for more than a year, GuangdongStation West shoe industry limited company to "integration, transformation,promotion, innovation, leading the" as the main line, the station west shoe ofSoftbank piece upgrading according to the Guangdong shoes internationalprocurement center "three systems, eight function" standard, to regulate themarket management, industry service set trends industry research, publication,footwear exhibition, design and development, trade and a series of.

According to the introduction, in order to support the construction of purchasing center of Guangdong, Guangdong Province footwear GB, Guangzhou City, Liwan District and the station street, all levels of government invested a lot of manpower and resources, to upgrade the market repeatedly, often organized shoe business in Baotuan abroad to attend exhibitions exchange activities, Zhanqian Street officefor 3 consecutive years of contribution and formed a delegation to attend"international footwear, leather and industrial equipment exhibition".

These measures have achieved remarkable results, in 2013 August, Buyun heaven and earth by the Guangzhou economic and Trade Commission, City Hall identified as the first batch of "Guangzhou demonstration professional market", the introduction of the ISO9001 quality management system certification; in 2013September, ocean shores Melco hardware wholesale leather shoe market is China Leather Association awarded the "hardware professional market".

West City Station of e-commerce application in the wholesale market leading position in the industry, in 2008, the West Guangzhou Railway Station shoe citybegan to use e-commerce to upgrade. Now, station west shoe city network is the world''s largest footwear wholesale website, created three first: the new productrelease first in the world, the first professional inquiries, site visits in the footwearindustry first in the country.

The responsible person said, the next station west shoe city from four aspects to speed up the construction and consumption Guangdong footwear international procurement center upgrade, the first is to improve the logistics planning, buildcenter distribution warehousing services; second station west shoe city parkmanagement, optimize service, construction of Guangdong footwearcomprehensive service platform perfect; third speed up the construction of electronic commerce, build station west online wholesale mall; fourth acceleratefootwear brand construction, make shoe brand incubator center.

In order to further build "station west shoe" brand, expand the "station west shoe city" reputation and influence, enhance the cohesion and competitiveness of station west shoe, shoe enterprises continue to develop foreign trade channels help,during the 114th world fair, station west shoe city held a "station west shoe cityGuangdong footwear international Sourcing Fair Promotion Week" activities, the organization brand enterprises are fashionable shoes to publish and exhibit at the scene, through the international platform, leading the Guangzhou shoe enterprisesto go abroad, on the international stage, display of corporate brand, "inGuangzhou shoe, take the world the way"! Guangzhou foreign trade economicvitality.

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