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In June 2013, Italy GARDA international shoes exhibition/GARDA exhibition

2013-12-26   Source: Acshoes

Show time: the 2013-6-15-2013-6-15
Add up to display address: Italy
Organizer: Riva del Garda ''s Fierecongressi exhibition group
Organizer: China agent and group units: xiamen LiCheng exhibition co., LTD
Web site:
Exhibition range: fashion shoes, fashion shoes, leather shoes, men''s shoes, women''s shoes, children''s shoes, indoor shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, beach shoes, etc.
The exhibition''s brief introduction:
In June 2013, add up to Italy Garda spring international shoe exhibition (80th Expo Riva Schuh) add up to the 80th fair name 】 【 Italy international shoes show "show time" on June 15 to 18, 2013 "exhibition site" the Italian added to exhibition center exhibition range 】 【 fashion shoes, fashion shoes, leather shoes, men''s shoes, women''s shoes, children''s shoes, indoor shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, beach shoes, etc. Italy Garda fair introduction 】 【 international footwear exhibition (Expo Riva Schuh said li tile shoe exhibition), is one of the world famous professional exhibitions, is one of Europe''s largest footwear fair. The exhibition held since 1973, the spring and autumn every year two season in Italy''s famous tourist destination - add up to the international exhibition center. In June 2012, the 78th Italy GARDA shoe exhibition will be divided into four exhibition hall, exhibition area of 32000 square meters. Warm inside the pavilion, crowded, with 1230 exhibitors from all over the world and 12513 buyers. Site condition is hot, many exhibitors are encouraged, have expressed surprise, restore confidence. Add up to shoe industry exhibition every year for the next year the new order of the first opportunity. Add up to show to the visitors after a comprehensive forecast of products, chance to plan their order in advance. From the point of view of exhibitors on the other hand, exhibition of shoes to test their new into the market and adjust the possibility. Of course, add up to show not just these shoes. In fact, add up to shoe exhibition is also a chance to in the product at the end of the order, thanks to the part of visitors, about 35% of the warehouse requirements, the exhibition organizing committee has done a survey, these visitors need parts in the products. Add up to shoes exhibition is one of the most famous international big goods exhibition, has also become a clinch a deal the effect is good, execution rate is high, clinch a deal the price higher international famous exhibition. In order to further develop the European footwear market, make our country foreign trade enterprise, proprietary production enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises directly involved in the international market competition. In 2013 we will continue to organize China to attend the exhibition, welcome the masses of enterprise registration participation enthusiastically. Contacts: Hu Tingting Chen Shu ning guo language (13950124858) (13015913771) (15959275882) Jiang Er (13705949200) telephone: 0592-3113544 preach true: 0592-5206197, 5107257 E-mail:, Website: to address: xiamen hubin road building, 11th floor, foreign trade (361012) 2013, 15 years our plans as follows, if necessary, welcome to inquire. 俄罗斯莫斯科国际鞋及箱包展(Mosshoes) 意大利加达国际鞋展(Garda) 巴西圣保罗国际鞋类,皮革制品及配件展(Couromoda) 法国鞋展(MIDEC) 美国纽约国际鞋展(FFANY) 美国拉斯维加斯国际鞋展(WSA) 澳大利亚国际鞋展(AUSTRALIAN SHOE FAIR) 英国伯明翰国际鞋展(UK Moda Footwear) 捷克布鲁诺鞋展(Styl/Kabo) 意大利米兰鞋展 (Micam) 波兰鞋,箱包,皮革展(BTS) 德国杜塞尔多夫国际鞋展 (Global Shoes & Accessories Fair) 西班牙马德里鞋展(Modacalzado) 土耳其鞋展(AYMOD) 迪拜服装,纺织,鞋,皮革展(MOTEXHA) 日本国际鞋类及皮革制品展(ISF) 墨西哥国际鞋展(SAPICA) 印度新德里国际鞋类及皮革展(DELHI INTERNATIONAL LEATHER FAIR) 德国柏林国际鞋展(BREAD&BUTTER) 丹麦哥本哈根国际鞋类博览会(CIFF) 亚太鞋及皮革展(APLF) 南非鞋类,服装,箱包展 巴西鞋展 联系人:胡婷婷(13015913771)陈舒宁(13950124858)郭语(15959275882)蒋尔(13705949200) 电 话:0592-3113544 传 真:0592-5206197、5107257 E-mail: Website: 地 址:厦门市湖滨北路15号外贸大厦11楼 (361012)
Contact unit: xiamen LiCheng exhibition co., LTD
Contact address: xiamen hubin road 15 foreign trade tower 11 layer
Zip code: 361012
Contact: Hu Tingting
Telephone: 13015913771
Fax: 0592-5206197

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