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Asian no.1 shoes will with Canton fair shoe exhibition period to debut next year

2013-12-25   Source: Acshoes

By the Hong Kong new exhibition international exhibition co., LTD and guangzhou rui hong exhibition service co., LTD., to create the 13th guangzhou international footwear fair on May 1-3, 2014 in guangzhou pazhou poly world trade exhibition hall. This exhibition will be held at the same place and the same period of the 115th spring Canton fair

With Canton fair footwear exhibition held at the same place and the same period, the export sale in domestic market flourish, Shared 100000 buyers
And shoes in the Canton fair exhibition held at the same place and the same period, domestic exports flourish, the previous Canton fair to order foreign more than 200000, in 170 countries and regions, sales more than billions dollars, business people have unlimited business opportunities; This exhibition is just in the 113th China import and export commodities fair (hereinafter referred to as ChunJiaoHui) 3) footwear exhibition held at the same time, and in the same place pazhou, very convenient professional footwear traders and buyers at home and abroad to purchase the visit. Will bring both export and consumption.

With you to develop China''s vast market, focusing on the world
At present, China more than America''s consumption footwear 2.25 billion double double, 21.33 shoes the largest country in the consumption in the world. The Chinese consumption concept also has had the huge change, not only satisfied with the practical value of goods, pay more attention to the brand value. China is a huge market. China, has been focusing on the eyes of the world. When domestic shoe companies are creating their own brands; International footwear brands are targeting the Chinese market. The 11th guangzhou international footwear exhibition (2013), a suit modern footwear trading platform in the development of Chinese market at home and abroad, a radiation shoes enterprise brand promotion, brand charm in high-end footwear cluster, born then!

Confirm to purchasing power - several industry association
For lack of brand influence in the world of Chinese companies, to participate in exhibition to promote exports is one of the most effective means of low cost and high return. Thanks to the influence of the Canton fair, guangzhou perennial active with a large number of international buyers and trade agents, export city is worthy of the name. The organizing committee to formulate the exhibition held in guangzhou, aims to further promote the rapid development of the industry, faster with market practice, for the enterprise to build the stage, looking for the market, the tree image. The exhibition based on guangzhou, radiation in south China, service throughout the country, facing the world, will provide a broader space for the exhibitors and the new development opportunity. For exhibitors worthwhile, the organizing committee is preparing the investment seminars and other activities. Current exhibition has obtained the Taiwan industry and machine board of trade, leather shoes shoe cover shoes materials chamber of commerce in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia will always shoe industry chamber of commerce, guangzhou leather association, leather footwear association heshan leather shoe industry chamber of commerce, south China sea, dongguan leather shoes industry chamber of commerce, the China association of department store business chain industry association, sichuan, guangdong, shandong chain, chain business chamber of commerce in jiangsu province general chamber of commerce and association to visit procurement, these will give companies more efficient trading opportunities

Comprehensive marketing network to attract a large number of buyers from home and abroad
The buyer organization unit is Hong Kong''s new exhibition international exhibition co., LTD will take advantage of many years of market experience and channels, through direct mail tickets will be mailed to the most effective buyers. We choose different mainstream media industry, which has strong advertising target group at the same time, more than 50 websites, magazines, widely publicize this exhibition. The organizer also arranged a special human resources by phone and visit to invite important buyers at home and abroad. All-around at the invitation of the audience, to ensure the quality of the exhibition and the number of buyers.
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